Thursday, July 30, 2015

who am i?

I’m in the kitchen
Making love
I’m at the keyboard
Making love
I’m a thought
Making love
I’m a mother
Making love

I’m a woman,
A votive candle 
lit daily by the sun.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

our love

the gift

croning woman
falls in love.
agape flowers
from beyond
the expression
as outflow
as endless
as the unfathomable depth
of the inside
of the inside.

space laced

hell no longer breaks loose here
though heaven is blowing all asunder
leaving me feeling fully saturated 
by space
laced in loving.

Monday, July 6, 2015

hanging out

when i hang out with writers
i write
when i hang out with painters
i paint
when i hang out in the woods
i breathe with the trees
when i hang out with the masculine
my feminine deepens, gladly.
when i am alone
i seem to float
quiet or not
in and out
and gladly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

spirit nourishment

It is the silence in everything that feeds my spirit.
This silence has so many qualities and always the same quality of depth.
When a tree stands before me, feeding me with the spirit of branch and root, trunk and presence, the silence is the container for this nourishment.
When a spring flower opens before me, the delicacy of its spirit often belies its own fine rooted system of being grounded and nourished through the soil.
When my Friend looks into my eyes, all the ages are held in his gaze, feeding my spirit through his loving eyes.
Those who have read my words feed my spirit in their open response of hearing and reception.
My family feeds my spirit. In their blood knowing of me I am unconditionally being embraced.

published in wild woman rising

the benefics

the Blessing Giver joined the Queen of Heaven
their visit caught the eye of many
who may not have been star gazers
till now.

two bright ones
the benefics
near and conjunct
for us all.

love and beauty expands
for now
and from now on.