Friday, December 10, 2010

now and then

Now I am in Germany and then I was in Virginia. 

To follow this path of painting from inside out I chose to walk again in those fields behind my home in Virginia. 
What I long for here in Germany is space and the feeling of being at home.

As I painted, I began to smell the air and the grasses of the fields behind my house in Virginia. 
I was moving through rooms in houses I once lived in. 
I invited myself to feel into the apparent nearness of these past experiences . 

I give meaning to some parts of it.
It is made of two parts, one sits above the other.  

The green snake in the grass in the foreground is my ally when the demon of fear shows up hungry at my door. 
At the door to my home is a bowl, ready to feed whoever comes knocking- Fear- Doubt-Envy-Reason.

I like that none of the marks need to have meaning for me, they just are. 
I don't have to finalize the experience with meaning to find its "rightness." 
I can ride down the river of color as it flows. 
I enjoy the ride. 
I have a good seat.