Thursday, October 24, 2013

always already...

it always already is what it is
we are just catching up.

"always already" were master da free john's favorite descriptive adjectives
for this 

he touched me out of the blue 
and lead my heart on this crazy wisdom path
without ever meeting
face to face.

To give everything would have been premature......
I had to create what I needed before I could lose it
and then receive it anew....

to celebrate the loss
of everything that was only a thought.

only what is real remains.

I love to make dinner for my sons.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the path and the way

The path and the way

The ways the deer take are so clear and quiet feeling.
That’s the way I go.

I aimed for the river, 
Found the way,
Hearing the water.

Now to back track and make a path out of this experience,
Discovering how a path makes itself known.

Up the hill I discover this huge stone under the leaves
My path goes around it
Fallen trees help guide the way.

A root seat waited along the high banked stream
My feet rest on the large stone
 the water moves across.
Clean water from the earth
is a wonder.

One day I found a Virginia version of the Steintheater in Hellbrun
A silent place for worship not entertainment.

The old wire fence line is down 
It crosses my path and makes a great jumping point.
Delighting the kid in me,
It always makes me smile.

Each day I go a little further
Or I just retrace the steps from the day before.
I love how I forget and remember and discover my way.

An orange hat is probably a good idea, or my red-orange scarf.
 I really don’t want to be mistaken for a deer. 
It is hunting season.

I am hunting my path but with a different kind of aim,
The hunted deer gifted itself to the Indian hunter.
The hunter always said thank you.

A path through the woods to the river
and everything that comes and goes on the way
Are what I am gifted with.
I cannot stop saying thank you.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a path into the woods

a path into the woods

the desire to make a path I can follow
begins to take its form.
I am in no rush to reach the river.

the Virginia woods have a lightness in them
the Indians were here
and the wildlife still lives
and moves among
and flies above
these trees.

the fairy tale woods of Germany were luscious and dark and so appealing,
I have come to know them,

there is a lightness
beginning to appear

even negative thinking is welcomed and given room
and then, excuse me
I just don't have time for it,

the quiet in my heart is becoming more attractive.

Friday, October 11, 2013

all-y all-y in come free

in relation to the creative force that lives in me
is this fear or excitement ?

no rush no rush
right on time

being in relation to this creative force
pushes all my buttons
and puts me in my place
a place where awe and responsibility
invite me in.

noch einmal treffe ich diese Ehrfurcht
ich sage Ja.
Ich werde diese Faden folgen.

I will follow this thread 
all the way.
It is absurd to think I have a choice in the matter.
I deny this and live half a life
or I say yes
and live fully
in creative relationship
to what ever draws me 
in or out.

I like staying home on rainy days
with plenty to do,
calling out to all the trees,
all-y all-y in come free.

Friday, October 4, 2013

an image

When the soul wants something to be known,
she throws out an image in front of her
and steps into it.

Meister Eckhart

just like that
this image appeared
and I stepped into it.

effort and right effort

the attempt to create
creates exhaustion.

today I drew from the model again.
I brought an idea with me
which invited judgement
and comparing.

what I wanted to draw 
and what I drew 
were two different things,
and the split created exhaustion.

Last week, fresh from silent retreat
I just drew.
There is a big difference in the two kinds of activity.

One is receptive, the other active.
When I ponder what I have done in my life in terms of painting and living
the most successful
meaning enjoyable and full of learning
were done receptively.
the action was supported by a listening within for the path the action would take.

The Feminine Nature has been active in me longer than I have been aware of.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

life drawing

Life Drawing.
well, it is always life drawing....
but to draw again from a model.....
well, that is something.

she too, was the tree, 
held by the space around her.

Her Body,
all ways.

change is in the air!

she has flipped my pancake over!

my heart is raging anew
with a fire
that is pushing me off my ass
moving me from the old conditioned responses
into this new moment!

I woke with the dream~poem~sense
to expand my awareness
and hold my focus
in care for this new unnameable emptiness presiding in my heart.

and then boom
everything seems to have changed.

my garden was nourished yesterday by horse manure and a new fence
my classes are sleeping
I am being left alone as all one
and the door she holds for me is

I have bowed my head off,
now I lay my body
belly down
in the garden.