Saturday, May 30, 2015

i don't know what to name this.........

playing in the waves
rolling in the surf
resting on the beach
with salt on our lips.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

new flowering

some of my friends are dead
and my awareness 
how they live near me
blossoming into 
a truly new variety of flower
never before seen
never to be seen
unless your sight 
like theirs is now

Sunday, May 3, 2015

rest in natural great peace

rest in natural great peace
this exhausted mind
beaten helplessly by
karma and neurotic thoughts
like the relentless fury
of the pounding waves
in the infinite ocean
of samsara
rest in natural great peace
~nyoshul khenpo rinpoche

photo collage compassion by jennifer prugh

Saturday, May 2, 2015

pondering life gifting through death

morning ponder
on life and death and life
the day is so bright
and humans so dear.........
when one of us dies,
i got this sense that everything they have worked out in their lives,
all the challenges brought through to love in their very own hearts,
all this resolution redemption is gifted to everyone they have ever touched and cared for
if even for a moment.
if that is even a bit true
imagine what we are living and breathing
the ones who have died before their bodily death
do this with every action they make.
it is all a gift
life giving itself
endlessly for our and its own sake.

Friday, May 1, 2015

identity is no longer in crisis

  I love to write (and paint) myself in and out of identity,
  In doing so, I move ever closer to the true nature of the artist,
  of the Feminine Herself.

the artist's statement

I have always preferred to work in oil.
I am a simple painter and an actively deep muser.
I keep my method and tools simple to alleviate noise as I plumb the depths of my creative process, following the ever changing thread of color.
Intuition leads my paintings into form.
It is my nature to listen and to be led from within.

For the past 15 years I have worked with the painting knife; a simple tool that enables me to express through many layers of color and have the color remain clean and pure.
I scribe into the layers when I find myself in that space beyond words but still drawn to make a point.
There is always this urge to express.
The surface holds my love of color and my joy for the sensual and palpable richness of the paint.

After many years of full spectrum plein air painting, my interest in the painting by and for itself developed and I was drawn back into the studio. I am following my muse ever deeper into my inner process. The process of self expression is my primary interest though the paintings continue to hold reference to the nature of the landscape that surrounds me.
In the larger floral pieces I am working on now, I am using the brush and the knife, as the softening of the liquid oil was necessary to bring this petaled blooming more fully into palpable form.
I am softening and my medium is flowing in response to my own awakening in the body of a woman.