Tuesday, May 12, 2015

new flowering

some of my friends are dead
and my awareness 
how they live near me
blossoming into 
a truly new variety of flower
never before seen
never to be seen
unless your sight 
like theirs is now


  1. I came within an inch yesterday of asking if the purpose of your impending trip was to attend a memorial service for a departed friend. I ask it now. This is coincidental also with the subject of my June 14 talk which is based on some of the writings of James Joyce, primarily on his novella "The Dead." BTW. Your piece above is beautifully thought and loverly (sic) written.

  2. no, in fact i was remembering many friends and family members who have changed their form.......not avoiding the fact of their coming and going has prompted the flowering. thank you, always for your comments.