Saturday, July 16, 2016

where we sit

To express feeling
To celebrate that I am able to feel.
To let myself live in this natural way.
The human life is astonishing to witness.

To express feeling
To celebrate to feel so much love
For this one man and for so much of everything else.
I let myself live this love in a most natural way.

Oh, the birds in the morning
Singing through the light filled leaves.
Day after day
They do what is most natural, 
without witnessing.

Oh, the beauty of that soup
summer green.
A touch of pesto
In a vegetable broth
whole new onions
and young zucchini.
I imagined I was sitting in a local restaurant in Italy.
He confirmed that where we sat certainly was not Italy,
it was in fact, our backyard.

We sit together
And it is astonishing

That we are what we want.