Wednesday, October 28, 2015

full moon

the full moon was invisible
cloud covered
i stayed awake and warm

Friday, October 23, 2015

revelation wave

ok, let's ride this wave further
where it takes us is always here
but the way changes.
someone else makes my morning coffee now
he's gotten it right, his way
mine was unpredictable
his way is made for me.
there is no deserving love.
deserving is an impossibility,
a misconception,
a lie.
who could have caused this by doing?
the mirror has simply been cleaned,
and well polished.
just look,
you are a revelation of love in every form.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

yes, i can hear

yes, I can hear
love was known and passed down along
in so many ways

i'd been in the oak tree,
hidden away
at times frantic in the silence.
what a mystery
to be called and to hear
to be peeled away from the noise
to be held closer than close
in this quiet glory
this problemlessness.
i feel like leaping
as a fire's flame out of the oven
every moment this is possible
every moment there is more levo ! lvoe! love!
issuing from this point of me
of you.
where did i go to let this glory be?
body is glad for the leave taking
it can breathe now
undulate, spin, wiggle, stomp
embraced by quiet glory, 
the body smiles
and continues to express
Like a mountain
like a woman
like an eternal flame
someone's devotional gesture is who i am now.

photo credit: towardtheone.tumblr artist Anahata Katkin's (of PAPAYA) 

Monday, October 12, 2015

i saw an opening

i saw an opening
a doorway 
glowing light

from here I will be led
deeper into the Heart
of life
of the world
of joy

it is here 
beyond the need to understand
why how or who
that the gardener's response is tended.