Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sharing our dreams

Sharing your dreams with someone who listens (and remembers when you forget) is like the secure hand you want to hold when crossing a narrow passage high in the mountains. 

My daily walks are not so breathtaking as those mountain paths in the Alps but the dreams I carry have set roots deep in my heart. 

My dreams are becoming more and more grounded in my daily life. They are nourished by the pulsing woodland and spring fields now covered in buttercups, and sisters who listen and brothers who care. 

Spring has its way to inspire me, with fresh air, soft rain and multitudes of buttercups.  

I remember how easy it was to be delighted as a girl, seeing the golden yellow shining under a friend's chin, confirming that she liked butter. 

Simple moments like these nourish the golden radiance shining in us all and give us space to expand and express ourselves, naturally. 

This field is dreaming buttercups. 

Share your dreams today with someone who listens. And begin to feel that the Universe itself is all ears, wanting to know exactly what you wish to share, wanting to know exactly what you wish to live. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

unconditional commitment

The words of Claire Zammit reached me earlier this month. They activated a fire in me, and that fire brought me into relationship to that "creative tension that enables my full becoming."

This commitment to Love, to the life that I carry and that carries me, was confirmed each time I met the forces of the "not doing enough" voices in the last 21 days. They did their job of showing me where my commitment was shaky. 

The reality of what I live, moment by moment in trust, straightened my back as I leaned for support into the tree of life. 

It can no longer be denied, I know why I am here. 
 I will act on it 
 I will rest in it 
 I will dance it 
 I will paint it
 I will share it.

And I will be ferociously kind when I lose my buoyancy and miss the mark.

"Unconditional self-love has to do with a fundamental awareness of the inherit value of your being-- your very existence is enough to be worthy of partaking in the goodness of life and receiving love and support of the universe and others. However, there's an additional step that's necessary to complete the process of true self-love that many of us skip over- which is unconditional commitment to ourselves -- not just loving yourself for your inherent value, but standing for the potential of who you can become, which requires us to challenge and mentor ourselves through our growing edges and be honest with ourselves about where we're missing the mark. Self-Love creates the container. Ferocious commitment, the positive, creative tension that enables our full becoming."
Claire Zammit

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Framing the Immeasurable

I have been painting for years but never really noticed that intuition was leading the way and could indeed be fully given the reins until I saw that the paintings do just fine without me. I mean, of course I play a part but not as much as you might think.

But where this really gets challenging is when the framing begins. The panels are rarely square. And I love to float the panels to give the paintings some space.

Here I am today wrangling with a painting and a beautiful floater frame. I set the wood strips behind the painting just a bit too far from the edge and now I am in the "fix it the best way I can" mode. 
It is not my favorite part of the process because this measurement thing always shows up.

After all, the framing brings in the part of me that thinks I do have to do it perfectly; that is, that I have to find just the right fit. 

I wouldn't be writing this, ready to "publish" if I thought I had to do this perfectly. 
Today I practiced with compassion for myself, humor and loving kindness.
The voices were there egging me on but not as loud as they have been before. 

It might have had something to do with Her.

She is beautiful, regal, grounded as all get out. 

She embodies abundance.
That is how I feel her.

The frame will hold her. The spaces around her may be uneven. I may still hear the 'less than pro' voices wiggling my inner ear.
But "Zephyr's Lakshmi Harvest" will stand her ground and love me for my aptitude for the immeasurable.

How can one frame the immeasurable?
We always have the chance to find the door that opens rather than closes.  
It just takes some imagination and a kind eye.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

blessed fruit

in that place again, 
of not knowing.

the awe I feel to be so near this open space
calls in the guardians 
like bees to flowers.

the more true it is,
the more this fruit is tasted
the more astounded and soft body feels
and oh, so vulnerable.

and the trust
(oh, Uli)
the trust
becomes the path

my feet run
like the gazelle
on the vast plains

what really knows this taste of honeyed fruit?
what ever it is
it will carry this body home.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

tender and sure

tender and sure

love enters
and takes form
to be fulfilled
once again.

sure and tender
love leaves
to be fulfilled
once again.

In honor of all who have passed out of our sight, through all the possible changes here, on earth.

Always a dying and being born; change change change.

I am inspired again and again by Kathy Klein and her beautiful Danmalas. 
You can find more of her beautiful forms on facebook.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

tax dance

onward into clarification
deepening the dance 
with gratitude for numbers and gifts. 

today, with the cape on,
my superpowers are lit.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

leaning in


 leaning in
    to a deep listening,
   is all ears.