Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sharing our dreams

Sharing your dreams with someone who listens (and remembers when you forget) is like the secure hand you want to hold when crossing a narrow passage high in the mountains. 

My daily walks are not so breathtaking as those mountain paths in the Alps but the dreams I carry have set roots deep in my heart. 

My dreams are becoming more and more grounded in my daily life. They are nourished by the pulsing woodland and spring fields now covered in buttercups, and sisters who listen and brothers who care. 

Spring has its way to inspire me, with fresh air, soft rain and multitudes of buttercups.  

I remember how easy it was to be delighted as a girl, seeing the golden yellow shining under a friend's chin, confirming that she liked butter. 

Simple moments like these nourish the golden radiance shining in us all and give us space to expand and express ourselves, naturally. 

This field is dreaming buttercups. 

Share your dreams today with someone who listens. And begin to feel that the Universe itself is all ears, wanting to know exactly what you wish to share, wanting to know exactly what you wish to live. 

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