Wednesday, April 24, 2013

unconditional commitment

The words of Claire Zammit reached me earlier this month. They activated a fire in me, and that fire brought me into relationship to that "creative tension that enables my full becoming."

This commitment to Love, to the life that I carry and that carries me, was confirmed each time I met the forces of the "not doing enough" voices in the last 21 days. They did their job of showing me where my commitment was shaky. 

The reality of what I live, moment by moment in trust, straightened my back as I leaned for support into the tree of life. 

It can no longer be denied, I know why I am here. 
 I will act on it 
 I will rest in it 
 I will dance it 
 I will paint it
 I will share it.

And I will be ferociously kind when I lose my buoyancy and miss the mark.

"Unconditional self-love has to do with a fundamental awareness of the inherit value of your being-- your very existence is enough to be worthy of partaking in the goodness of life and receiving love and support of the universe and others. However, there's an additional step that's necessary to complete the process of true self-love that many of us skip over- which is unconditional commitment to ourselves -- not just loving yourself for your inherent value, but standing for the potential of who you can become, which requires us to challenge and mentor ourselves through our growing edges and be honest with ourselves about where we're missing the mark. Self-Love creates the container. Ferocious commitment, the positive, creative tension that enables our full becoming."
Claire Zammit

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