Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Framing the Immeasurable

I have been painting for years but never really noticed that intuition was leading the way and could indeed be fully given the reins until I saw that the paintings do just fine without me. I mean, of course I play a part but not as much as you might think.

But where this really gets challenging is when the framing begins. The panels are rarely square. And I love to float the panels to give the paintings some space.

Here I am today wrangling with a painting and a beautiful floater frame. I set the wood strips behind the painting just a bit too far from the edge and now I am in the "fix it the best way I can" mode. 
It is not my favorite part of the process because this measurement thing always shows up.

After all, the framing brings in the part of me that thinks I do have to do it perfectly; that is, that I have to find just the right fit. 

I wouldn't be writing this, ready to "publish" if I thought I had to do this perfectly. 
Today I practiced with compassion for myself, humor and loving kindness.
The voices were there egging me on but not as loud as they have been before. 

It might have had something to do with Her.

She is beautiful, regal, grounded as all get out. 

She embodies abundance.
That is how I feel her.

The frame will hold her. The spaces around her may be uneven. I may still hear the 'less than pro' voices wiggling my inner ear.
But "Zephyr's Lakshmi Harvest" will stand her ground and love me for my aptitude for the immeasurable.

How can one frame the immeasurable?
We always have the chance to find the door that opens rather than closes.  
It just takes some imagination and a kind eye.


  1. Reading this beautiful post awakens new depths of appreciation for my own "aptitude for the immeasurable" and the daring it takes to seek the opening door. Is anything more important than that to an authentic life? I don't think so. Deep bow to you for your grace and wisdom, Sister Mother Beloved!

  2. OH, Star Sister.......thank you for your responsive reading of "just another day in the life of" one more inspired soul making her way in the world of form!