Friday, October 11, 2013

all-y all-y in come free

in relation to the creative force that lives in me
is this fear or excitement ?

no rush no rush
right on time

being in relation to this creative force
pushes all my buttons
and puts me in my place
a place where awe and responsibility
invite me in.

noch einmal treffe ich diese Ehrfurcht
ich sage Ja.
Ich werde diese Faden folgen.

I will follow this thread 
all the way.
It is absurd to think I have a choice in the matter.
I deny this and live half a life
or I say yes
and live fully
in creative relationship
to what ever draws me 
in or out.

I like staying home on rainy days
with plenty to do,
calling out to all the trees,
all-y all-y in come free.

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