Wednesday, November 24, 2010

compassionate awareness

I am now nearing the end of my first year here in Germany. The paintings are changing. I am changing. I have watched myself not paint or draw this year. I watched myself think I would keep painting, that I would not fall out of this conversation with myself. And I did, often. Now I am making a commitment to show up each day in this conversation I have with myself in paint. Because it is important to me. It brings me joy and wonder. It brings me to questions that only I can answer for myself. This life I have lived with drawing and painting is a gift that loves to express itself. That is still my job. To support her. No matter what the voices say. This is the second part of the journey. Compassionate awareness is being given a larger role in this play. I can't do it without her support.

"The Seed" oil on panel 100cm x 60cm

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