Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am back!

I am back!
I return many times in a day, many times in a night.
This morning after sitting, having fallen deep into the body with the help of gravity, I painted this watercolor. 

During this past year I have been letting go of any thing or concept or thought that no longer serves me. 

It has been frightening. 
It has been expansive. 
It has been a blessing. 

She discovered she has a tail. 
She discovered she is not so small and helpless. 
She can roar with the best of them. 
And she does. 

And she continues to paint and painting continues to be her favorite vehicle to express the inexpressible.

Awakening Woman. 
Not alone. 
Full of gratitude for this experience. 

Oh my, so forgiving, so receptive, so dear, so strong.

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