Monday, April 14, 2014

does the doe taste the dew?

Here is how it begins
The voices in my head get too loud.

I sense that someone is listening now.
And if I write,
what needs to speak
can be heard.
And a mysterious conversation begins
That fills me with delight.

I’m here.
You’ve shown me,
Not how to be human,
But that I am.

Five senses and more
Actively participate
In the dynamic of giving and receiving.

So, where does this conditioning reside?
It seems to be the guest in the house,
who comes looking for a bed (again!) for the night
Or a cup of tea.

Conditioning wants to be re-membered, re-united.
Not feared, blamed or exalted.
It doesn’t need healing, but holding.
it comes to rest.

Conditioning is not creative
It repeats itself.

Everything keeps changing
and it doesn’t.
At some point this becomes very obvious.

We are compelled
Out of love,
to stop this suffering.
There is no rush,
But we use every means we can.
And then, there is love,
As it was in the beginning.

To see what is happening,
live alone.
Or live with another who is as committed as you are,
not to leave you alone.
Children and siblings can support you in this
they carry an unspoken commitment
made before you can remember.

The buck simply stops here,
Where you are.
And the does continue to graze into the moonlit night,
Tasting the dew.

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