Thursday, August 7, 2014

trust settles in me

the invitation to write has arrived at my fingertips again.
i asked for support and this was what was shown to me.

you might think i've been doing this all along.
i am looking over my blog posts
and see
i have been writing,
expressing in a particular way that takes form in words.

what if i wrote
with self discipline
as the listener,
as the student,
in cooperation with the voice that wants to express this life?

i'm sensing a yes
a consent,
to write
about this life.

i'm glad to have painted.
the silent speech of color
will show me the way
to write with devotion
to the pauses.

there is pleasure in this work,
that's the key.

as the words take form
i feel the weaving of the whole taking place, right here.
and i feel confidence
or is it longing
to follow this thread all the way.........

trust settles in me.

tonight the taste of pesto
lingers in my mouth.
and the memory of his voice
passes like music
through my whole body.

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