Sunday, October 26, 2014

new moon musing in scorpio

I exercised the okayness last night
Joining a spiritedly masked community
in fields of rolling hills
And sinuous stone walls
flanked by long lavender mountains,
1000 faces,
All blessed by the sliver of new moon.

A bonfire
A play
The Trickster was jolly and redeeming
And Venus was soaking into our cells.

Coyote and Caroline called down the wonder
Into our melting pot
Melting fear, judgement, ignorance, martyrdom
Ladling out their opposites
Surprise, playfulness, windows and open doors
Making the connections needed to repair
Or simply make new
What seems beyond repair.

Connections with the wolves
And true leadership
Calling down the wonder
Saying yes to our part to change,
Capricorn’s old man released to the bon fire.

In the dark
Old wounds were seen wholed, healed.
In the dark
How near the holy is felt
In 1000 faces.

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