Friday, December 12, 2014

tiferet: the reconciliation of opposites

 Illusion serves reality.
and I am grateful for the dream.

Without illusion we could not see reality as being literally beyond imagination.
In this way imagination serves what is real.

So too, judgement is a servant of what is true and longing to take form.
It holds back the bearing of fruit until the time is ripe.

Rules are servants to the movement of spontaneous living.
Fences to be leapt over when the true being takes flight.

Separation serves the wonder of two.
For without such an edge,
 your own center could not be known so radically,
nor gifted so openly.

And commitment is the servant of true freedom.
Be found by commitment
and know the truth of your being.

In the story of The Frog Prince,
the transformation of the prince and princess occurred through the heart that saw the truth of what is.
This served the breaking of the three bands around Heinrich’s heart.

Three bands, three hearts.

Our practice does have merit for all sentient beings.
Together we realize liberation.

 The Frog Prince
oil on panel

a series of paintings and this poem was inspired by a camelia I found on a rain soaked road. as i walked closer, reality revealed a rain soaked and tire squashed green frog, blooming pink and white from its center.

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