Wednesday, August 28, 2013

this or not that

News flash from the non dualist in me,
(Oh these words really are beginning to amuse me, do I really know what they mean....)

I am a bad person. 
I mean, if I thought he was that bad, oh, my ………..

I am not a bad person. 
That, too. 
Been there and done that 
so many times.

Are there really two of me?
The one thinks she is so good,
the other one knows she is bad,
but rarely ever releases this information.

This is so good.

Can I really, compassionately, embrace this situation I am in ?

This information was released on the porch tonight.
The spirits applauded my performance,
Once again.

They are such an admiring audience!

The award was handed to me by the master of ceremonies!
They see right through the act,
And my endless attempt
to be
not that.

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