Thursday, August 15, 2013

woman's work

A quiet lives in the ordinary. 
A woman's work very often lives out of the ordinary. 
I have been nervous about this woman's silence that is calling me back home.

My mom made this quilt for me. I suggested the dark border for the colors of the triangles and she liked this idea. She was in fact, thrilled to use the dark border.

Yeah, so symbolic.
The flying geese are the forward flying solid triangle.
Turned upside down they become the ancient womb symbol of Woman.

Many of my mom's quilts are carefully stored in boxes. This one was my favorite and was used and washed many times. Some of the triangles were made of fabric that was very old, and in the washing and wearing have worn through. 

I am in the process of appliqueing new triangles onto the quilt. 
And this brings me into the silence of women's hand work.

I often call my mom on the phone while I patch one of the triangles.
As her voice strengthens so does mine,
As I sit in a deeper silence with her, I can hear and receive the love I nearly missed.
I have the chance to call in some ancestors, too.

I am so grateful for the gifts of this well loved quilt.

Flying Geese quilted by Jane Heile

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