Thursday, January 2, 2014

Peony Practice 101


womb feels drenched
filling with blood
(and I am way beyond my bleeding years.....)

The practice
is to bring attention to the inside
as the breath.

may I be one with the breath
without expectation

may I feel what is there
where breath touches.

 I feel ready 

to find my way

I follow the sound of hreem
through the dark
seeing women's faces 
saturated in a hunger that has turned to ugliness
feeling ages of wombs 
being used from the outside.

Breath touches the womb 

of a 6 year old, 
of a mother of three 
of a sensual woman.

Longing for more of Her Touch.

Patient Peony Practice.....
patiently practicing being peony

all the kitchen drawers and cabinet doors are hanging open, 

a sure sign I am softening 
keeping constant order seems not to matter any longer. 

Peony Practice is a practice re-created and shared by Chameli Ardagh,


  1. I love all these expressions - I must 'ditto' them all with this same comment - I bow to your stripping away of the unnecessary, leaving only the essen-tial. The 'all we ever need', I know you know what that is and that makes me feel so joyous and loved - Thank you.

  2. FillyRowes is also Pip of
    (sorry to be so complicated! But I left a message on your website, so you might think - 'who is this person anyway'
    it's just me, a sister in this love.

    1. thank you Filly! sometimes everything gets a little nudge to be stripped away....then a way opens. I am slow to develop trust in this process, but the joy leads the way, too. I'm glad to meet another sister in this love.