Thursday, January 2, 2014

the heart of the flower

oh, She was playing with me big time.
practically, really practically

and as always
 with an eye for Beauty and Wonder.

She moved me through the house.
cleaning and making space.

I take a dahlia off the altar 

 strewing its petals on the porch
and I see, 
beneath all those multitude of petals,
are more.

petals that held the petals

it is like a whole other flower
once the petals


of course I am moved to share this picture with you
and since I dropped my camera, the focus no longer works
and since I bought a new one, maybe too fast without getting a feel for it in my hands, 

I am avoiding learning to use it.

I try
and it slips in my hands,
my fingers push buttons that I don't even know what they mean,
and I am still in my pajamas
and and and

it seems to me that she is saying 

it is time to learn this new camera.

The Beauty and Order of the Inside has been revealed through the heart of the Dahlia.

I will follow her lead

I want to go to bliss
and she wants to take me,

 into focus.

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