Sunday, May 19, 2013

for a siStar on the path

Grieving in Love

It is no mistake that of the women friends who I am gifted to live near by, one of them has many years experience with hospice, death and dying, and of course grieving. She has what we both call a 'normal' waking life and yet her dream life and her experience with death is what gives her the depth that brought us into our sisterhood.

Another sister has sat silently and firmly at the upper rim as I plumbed to my depths. She knows and lives her own depth in her daily life. It was this that brought us into our sisterhood.

And another has carried her own experience with death and grief and love quietly, and was changed by it long ago. 

This was my first encounter with the loss of a sister. This is not something I should have experienced before now. I am grateful for the impact of this woman's death in order to be shown the gift she was in my life.

My friend helped me tonight. As I was slipping into troubled stories about this and that and them in relation to her death, she invited me to celebrate what I had experienced knowing Sandra, and to let myself simply grieve this loss of her being here. 

I am seeing into and honoring the relationship that was mine to share with Sandra. The presence we shared is what remains.

Although I have an old recipe for "Sandra's bread" in my recipe box, it was not the personal friendship that she shared with other sisters that brought me close to her, but my willingness to be healed in relationship to her.

 Sandra listened with her heart as she skillfully listened to me and to those invisible ones she called in who guided her work.

 I celebrate her sensitivity and compassion tonight, her unconditional love and her service to Spirit that worked through her.

Her service was both light hearted and intimate. She knew how to get out of the way. 
She has become a part of everything.

Grief, like love, is a place where no stories are needed. 
Both sweep clean the heart,
and leave gratitude in their wake. 

So, tonight I sit and "do dynamically less than nothing" and just remember you, Sandra, my siStar. 
The love we shared and the desire to heal in love is expanding infinitely.
So many sistars have lit candles for you.

Everything is the path.
And of course it cannot stop raining.......

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