Tuesday, May 14, 2013

for this kiss

I am experiencing the most intimate love affair with longing I could ever imagine.........and I am not imagining this...this is what the art historians and Piaget called 'felt sense.'

the thread is thick and juicy and direct and makes me smile a bit like a cheshire cat, am I the one who ate the bird?

literature, films, weave through the brain....
and the sight locks it down,
the sight makes the connection, the dame's rocket, the roses, 
the computer screen and the letters that appear.....

Nothing more needs to happen than this. 
longing dissolves in this 
and kisses itself.

the gespritzt weisswein opened the door
and although there is a hint of judgement, 
oh, judgement, of course you too are welcome here......

I am in the room
so Love is in the room
and I still need you.
oh, thankfully.
I still need YOU to share with. 

because....as is humanly possible......
where two or more are gathered together......
in the name of Love.
in the name of Love's fire.

me, this and you,
the ONE beloved.....

I will never regret sharing this moment with you
as my layered past flows like background music
and I become 
once again
aware of the breath of life.
oh, my
For this kiss I would return a thousand times.

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