Saturday, May 25, 2013

life has a honeysuckle lover

This evening,
as the day ends
Presence  comes to me
envelops me
stills me

and asks me to dance.
I tell him I will let him lead.

whole body excitement to have such a dance partner.

mind cannot know, 
is my Beloved he or she?

something moves me
something touches me
and something loves me, 
all the same.

I am a woman.
my senses tell me
my Beloved is my polar opposite,
or we couldn't be so attracted.

from winter's long sleep
He came to meet my scent
as I express 
from the inside, 
on the wood's edge,
my honeysuckle self.

My Beloved feels very awesomely masculine 
and tender in his love for me.

The music has begun,
I must go now.

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