Friday, June 21, 2013


The stars are shining.
Tonight, I will sleep outside.
It will be my way to celebrate the sun
And the moon.

Last week I heard the connection
Really, I began yoga ages ago and never heard this...
Sun moon
she said the neutral pole between these two is the starry sky.

Heart couldn’t help but be moved to Hathor, too.

The time line is becoming sensed
Some connections are felt from this point in time.

I met a teenage copperhead on the road
So bright and fresh.
Has given me the taste for the snake bite
So I don’t have to go right in there anymore to feel my boundaries.
having its poison in my blood now
It works
To feel the poison run through me
Before I am in danger,
I recognize the vibration.

Today I spoke with my favorite astrologer about Lilith 
My chart blows her away 
with such awe
That it is infectious,
I really begin to love this strange one, too.

Lilith in her three stellar forms
is actively blessing and in conjunction within my planetary blueprint.
As she is in you, no doubt.

I love the Goddess.
Her myriad faces and expressions has made me know myself to be real, alive
And in her service, so she can be known through me.
We talked today about Lilith in her forms, in her formlessness
As the primal center of creation

Not like Durga, who I call on for protection
Blazing in on her tiger,
The beast between her legs
The one she rides on
And that heart of hers, 
blasting untruth to smithereens ………..

But Lilith…….. 

She’s not one you call on,
But one you make room for.

Giving her space tonight
feeling beyond a face
Beyond a form.
She is as new to me as I am to myself.

I am her handmaiden.
I know this deep in my belly.
I remember her snakes in Greece
As my son napped on the bed beside me.

I don’t know the history, and I love that you do and share it here.

My home, born in the stars, is beyond the edge of the known universe
I come from far away.
The stranger
I am surrounded by home, 
the edges blur in this familiar kiss.

To distill this story into a pure gift is fun.

Ah, there is the german thing again.
Are there no Germans here ? !
Ich vermisse dich, wo bist du denn?

a Gift in english is the present, given in love, to show my love for or appreciation of you.
das Gift auf deutsch……….is poison.

Back to the copperhead,
On my return, I kept my eyes open,
having seen that truck go by,
I knew what I would most likely see. 

If snake lies in the road
They will go after her.

And there she was,
Curled in a bow, 
Soft pink spilling onto the road
Her bright pattern still shining
And penetrating vibrantly to infinity.

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