Sunday, June 16, 2013

spilling yourself deeper into life

Process Painting, what is it?

for me it has been a spontaneous experience in paint,
zen-like in its flow,
dream-like in the way forms arise and change,
life-like as my interpretations take hold of a form, give it meaning and the river of color and water carries them along beyond my story.
it is fun, challenging, exciting to witness, a fascinating practice.
it is meditation in action.
It is a listening and a letting go, in paint.

What can it be for you?

smooth white paper   
smooth color
smooth brushes

letting the brush lead
your eye sees where it wants to go
to blue?    
to red?
to yellow?
to green?
to purple?
to that luscious magenta?

a dip in the water makes the brush ready to hold the color
the dance has begun before the brush touches the paper.
where will it touch first?
and how?

how thrilling
to allow yourself such freedom,
such courage to stand before the void!

creativity awakens and stretches,
thrilled to be called forth in such an open way, 
into such a safe space as you.

there is no right or wrong way to paint spontaneously
no goal is held.
as judgements arise, they too are seen 
and in giving space to what is, 
they let go of us.

this playful experience has a way of spilling us deeper into life.

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