Sunday, December 8, 2013

holy ordinary

delusions of grandeur
were once seeded
out of illusions
of small, other and not enough.

When the King dies, so must the Queen.
Long live Truth.
She reigns Absolute.

holy ordinary
of truth.

Surprised at first,

you might be blown away,
by the very fact
That you are That.

You might be convinced
never again to lie
(and you probably will…..)

about who you are,
about who “they” are.

seeing from the heart
      the really obvious presence in that tree
      is beyond anything you could make up.

holy resides in this form
And that form
And that one, too.…

The ground of body
Supporting breath
Is holy ordinary.

Feel the support.

All ways.
Every cell
Is held in this moment
Breathing with you...

The most natural movement
is to bow
in gratitude for the glimpse,
for the felt sense of belonging
In such a kingdom.

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