Wednesday, December 4, 2013

taking form

Losing one’s mind 
One finds oneself 
unseparated, undifferentiated,
Awareness itself.

more than once,
that the forms created by mind 
were Everything and True.

Awareness watches
As mind hits the wall
Screaming for proof of its rule.
Thrown by whom?
The truth
~ princess or prince ~

Delighting in the stillness,
Pervasive, palpable and playful.
This way of knowing is full of peace.

I have faith in this knowing
this intimate glimpse, 
shared with itself.

not one bead of dew,
not one note of birdcall, 
Is overlooked
Every form is pervaded by love of form.

This is all a play on words
I write for the fun of it.
I, too, am how love takes form.

As are you.

as a leaf on the Fuschl See

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