Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lilith unveiled Innocence

oh, Lilith 

where I went, 
well, there are words for it, and images, and feelings.
my ring came off,
my ears went bare
and I descended 
I was yours again.

she has taken me before,
into this dark territory
and it is always my move to find the place where I say stop,
where I raise my hand and say, "stop."
I learn how to make the journey 
I learn when to return.

This cauldron the body
the intensity the fire of desire
This depth the soul
The stillness the water where the treasure awaits the light.

my outer life is gratefully uneventful
my inner is the river of life, 
sometimes gently streaming
sometimes tumultuously raging.

the gate opened 
and the fruit of the dark moved through me
I looked
I felt
and deleted and deleted and deleted what was not mine
letting pass what could not hold me.  
I landed at the feet of love. 
tears flowed as I felt being met there.

I found what was lost
nothing is ever really happening.
just this pulse is real.

hot and humbled, I am walking on
these smiling dancin' feet.
The crows are cawing their own story out of the same stillness.

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