Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reflections, How I Shine

I have a way of meeting the other in cyberspace
That can make you more real to me than myself.

You become so attractive 
I shine you way up.
You are awesome,
In a blink of the eye this admiration can become comparison
and I am lost.

This mind can be compulsive about knowing itself
This mind leaves her own heart at the drop of a hat,
This heart wants deep practice.

This mind moves like light speed
Away from center
Again and again.

I praise you, I adore you, I admire you, I support you.

And this small voice inside me
Still calls for me to stay
Just a bit longer 
To finally be known as the one and only,
source of light.

I still look for god and goddess in the air
Through cyber space there are innumerable paths to take,
As if all that my mind confirms is real, 
is real.

Our physical meetings are quieter, less dramatic
There is less chance to leave myself.
I can see our similarities, 
I can feel your concerns and strengths, 
I can feel myself.
This is the gift of the body,
to invite embodiment.

I wake this morning
To discover once again,
how to play, 
how to create 
how to remain in touch.

Beseeching the Divine to come closer
I want to feel our connection
In every cell.

Maybe that is what I have been doing all along,
Perhaps there is nothing to change.
Perhaps I am created just this way,
To be just this way.

I am seeing myself more and more and more 
Like the Moon.

Reflecting your Sun
Is how I shine.

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