Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stop in the namma Me!

       "All you need to do in this life is to live your own experience."

This is perhaps the most valuable advice I have ever received, from Maggie Tapert, when I was age 58 years old. It was even more pointed than "be yourself" which I received in my 20's, from the wise sculptor, William Calfee. 

Following Maggie's advice, because it rang so true, has given me the most challenging test of all, to literally turn the direction of my attention and attraction within, and let it release itself as my own experience. 

I watched myself leave me again and again and again almost to a point of no return.....
My very own life calls to me in a most direct way, inviting me into this ever evolving, emerging awakening of itself.

sweetly, a memory just arose.
my second son's voice when he was about 4 years old.
my sons had such a rich childhood ~
playing ferociously with abandon
from morning to night,
battling the dragons and warlords that lived in our midst, 
carousing with the thieves, saints and clowns.

I hear him now, 
saying with all his great might
"STOP! in the naymah me!"

yes, I am stopping in the name of me,
and listening
and keeping the doors open for the unknown
to reveal herself
through my life.

She, as the creative source of life, has no other choice. 
It is mine to make the choice to be here to greet her
and to live my experience.

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